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The Improbable True Story of How 'Clerks' Was Made

In 1992, Kevin Smith wasn't sure what his path in life was. He had dreamt of writing for Saturday Night Live, skipping Shakespeare and psychology classes at The New School to sit around at 30 Rock, hoping that Lorne Michaels would notice him. That dream didn't pan out, and Smith ended up dropping out of college after his first semester. But a job as a clerk at a conjoined video store and Quick Stop in Leonardo, New Jersey opened more doors than he'd ever imagined. It became the setting for Smith

Kevin Smith's 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' Pays Tribute to His Entire Career

Kevin Smith almost died in February 2018, when he had a massive heart attack and was told he had an 80 percent chance of not making it. The filmmaker was at peace with the notion of passing on, seeing it as a high school graduation of sorts, moving on to the next chapter after accomplishing everything he's set out to do. But he had one regret: If he died, the last movie he'd made would be 2016’s Yoga Hosers.

Vivian Girls walked so the next generation of indie rockers could run

I first fell in love with Vivian Girls at the height of my teenage angst. I was 15 years old and looking to connect with music at a deeper level. While white male bands dominated indie rock, Vivian Girls offered something different. They were three women, who weren’t afraid to be loud, or vulnerable, and felt far more accessible than any other women in rock I admired at the time. It was appealing to see a band that didn't try to manufacture a persona; they were being unabashedly themselves.

Big Little Lies Season 2 Accurately Captures What it Feels Like When Your Abuser Dies

At the beginning of the second season of Big Little Lies, Jane (Shailene Woodley) asks Celeste (Nicole Kidman) if she's glad Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) is dead. Celeste pauses, and then says "It's complicated." When the new season of Big Little Lies premiered, I saw so many people tweet that they wished they were in Celeste's position of their abuser being dead. I used to wish the same thing all the time.

The Terrifying True Story of How 'The Blair Witch Project' Was Made

In 1997, Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick sent out three unknown actors to improvise a horror flick in the woods and film it on their own. The concept was practically unheard of, and it wouldn't be easy to pull off. But two years later, Sanchez and Myrick had a bonafide hit on their hands with The Blair Witch Project, which inspired a new horror subgenre and became one of the most iconic horror flicks of all time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Reveals Thoughts on Felicity Jones-Starring Biopic 'On the Basis of Sex'

The Supreme Court justice was interviewed at and hosted the star-studded New York premiere of the film (Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinem were among the guests). It’s no easy task to tell Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s story. The Supreme Court justice has become an icon in recent years, earning the moniker "Notorious R.B.G." But her nephew Daniel Stiepleman wanted to tell the story of her rise, before she became a bona fide celebrity.

Australian Singer-Songwriter Alex Lahey Talks New LP, Urges Home Country to Pass Gay Marriage Bill: 'It's Not That Big a F--king Deal'

Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lahey captured the attention of indie rock veterans Tegan and Sara after performing at Australian festival Splendour In The Grass, who invited Lahey for a brief stint on tour last year and released the acclaimed EP B-Grade University, which helped get her signed to American indie label Dead Oceans. In the span of a year since then, Lahey released her debut album I Love You Like a Brother on October 6, giving listeners snapshots of her past relationships and her

Puerto Rican 'Drag Race' Alumni Talk Show's Impact on the Island Ahead of Benefit Concert

Last month, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Phi Phi O’Hara announced she was organizing Reinas Unidas/United Queen, a drag benefit show in Minneapolis (Nov. 6 at First Avenue) raising funds for Puerto Rico. The benefit’s proceeds will all go to Somos Una Voz, a relief initiative created by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. It has a stacked lineup featuring some of the show’s most beloved queens, including Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Naysha Lopez, and Madame LaQueer, whose drag careers flourished in Puerto Rico

Flea Says Revisiting His Old High School Sparked His Crusade for Music Education

The Silverlake Conservatory will hold its annual fundraiser on Saturday with guest performances by Anderson .Paak, Randy Newman and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since 2001, the non-profit Silverlake Conservatory of Music founded by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and childhood friend Keith “Tree” Barry has been a bastion for children's music education in and around Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood.

How Downtown Boys Became One of the Most Vital Voices in Punk Today

Six years ago, some of Victoria Ruiz’s friends and her mother flew from San Jose, California to Providence, Rhode Island to watch her perform as frontwoman of the punk band Downtown Boys for the first time. Ruiz was overwhelmed. She had performed in musical theatre before as a child, but this was different. During the first song, Ruiz—who is asthmatic—had trouble breathing; she didn’t know how to manage her energy or vocal chords.
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