Adam Brody says he 'didn't love' this 1 thing about working on 'Gilmore Girls'

Adam Brody joined “Gilmore Girls” back in 2002, giving him a big small-screen boost and giving Keiko Agena’s character, Lane, both a bandmate and a love interest. Alas, his character, Dave Rygalski, didn’t stick around for long, as Brody soon found himself an even bigger role as one of the leads on “The O.C.” But looking back at his brief nine-episode arc on “Gilmore Girls” now, the 41-year-old remembers just how much he loved it — and the one thing he “didn’t love” about it.

Thanks to Ian MacKaye, SLC Punk! got Minor Threat on its soundtrack for free

In an oral history detailing SLC Punk!’s production, Billboard’s Tatiana Tenreyro spoke to writer/director James Merendino, music supervisor Melanie Miller, and members of the cast about how this soundtrack came together. As the interview notes, the movie didn’t have an original score and “instead features over 30 songs” from a wide array of artists. For a low-budget movie, getting rights to the music was complicated.

Interview | Teri Gender Bender

“He has been such a consistent supporter of my band and as a friend he has nurtured me,” she says, ahead of their London Roundhouse gig. But despite being “very excited” to get out on the road with her old friend, today Teri is having a reflective moment. This is precipitated by both Women’s History Month and a recent feature by writer Tatiana Tenreyro, in which Le Butcherettes were name checked in a discussion about the importance of feminist Latino rock bands.

“Tatiana Tenreyro is a great writer and I am so lucky to have come across her,” she enthuses. “It’s because of interest and support from people like her that art can be nurtured. In knowing your history better you become more aware of your roots. It’s a historical fact that women along the long lines of our race have been the most subjected and mistreated.”