Adam Lazzara looks back at Taking Back Sunday's "MakeDamnSure"

Taking Back Sunday’s 2002 debut album Tell All Your Friends unleashed a bevy of emo anthems like “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team),” “Timberwolves At New Jersey,” and “You’re So Last Summer.” For many fans, these unforgettable songs will forever be associated with AIM away messages, summers at Warped Tour, and automatic music players on Myspace. These tracks can still be heard at any given club’s “emo night,” with crowds screaming out the deeply catchy choruses. But it wasn’t until the r

Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner on fighting to obtain joy

Michelle Zauner first introduced the world to Japanese Breakfast, her solo musical project, with 2016’s Psychopomp, an album that detailed her mother’s cancer diagnosis and death. Zauner further delved into her grief and fear of dying on sophomore album Soft Sounds From Another Planet; most recently, her memoir about her mother’s death, Crying In H-Mart, became a New York Times bestseller. But for her latest Japanese Breakfast record, Jubilee, Zauner wanted to try something different.

Rebecca Black is ready to re-introduce herself

It’s been a decade since Rebecca Black became an instant viral meme at just 13 years old with her video for “Friday.” After teasing a new era of her music in 2020 with singles like “Self Sabotage/Closer” and her collaboration with Dorian Electra, “Edgelord,” Black released Rebecca Black Was Here this past June. It’s a collection of tracks unlike anything the singer had released before, exploring hyperpop territory, among other genres.

Bartees Strange talks being the musical success story of 2020

It’s rare for an artist to go from being unknown to becoming one of the most talked-about indie artists of the year within months, but Bartees Cox—who goes by the moniker Bartees Strange—has achieved just that. Strange introduced the world to his solo work with his EP Say Goodbye To Pretty Boy on March 13, 2020, a collection of reimagined The National covers. But even a month before the EP’s release, Paramore’s Hayley Williams tweeted that she was sold within the first few seconds into listening

Will Butler on How White Privilege, Race Reporting Informed New Solo LP

The fall after Will Butler’s debut album, Policy, was released in 2015, he went to the Harvard Kennedy School of Government to study…policy. After working with Partners in Health, a non-profit focused on providing global medical health care, by donating proceeds from Arcade Fire’s single “Haiti” off Funeral and licensing proceeds from NFL ads that used the band’s “Wake Up,” Butler wanted to help the organization more.

Georgia Maq Wants You To Know Who She Really Is With 'Pleaser'

In December, Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq released her solo pop album, Pleaser, as a continuing act of being unabashedly herself. In the latter half of the past decade, Melbourne-based singer and guitarist Georgia Maq amassed a large following fronting Camp Cope. With the three-piece punk band, she writes blunt, confessional songs that tackle complex emotions, from experiencing sexual harassment to mental health struggles. But Maq’s debut solo album, Pleaser, takes her music in a completely differen

Vivian Girls walked so the next generation of indie rockers could run

I first fell in love with Vivian Girls at the height of my teenage angst. I was 15 years old and looking to connect with music at a deeper level. While white male bands dominated indie rock, Vivian Girls offered something different. They were three women, who weren’t afraid to be loud, or vulnerable, and felt far more accessible than any other women in rock I admired at the time. It was appealing to see a band that didn't try to manufacture a persona; they were being unabashedly themselves.

an interview with Hurray for the Riff Raff on activism, her Puerto Rican heritage, and new LP

Hurray for the Riff Raff's 'The Navigator' focuses focuses on a narrative driven by a character who she refers to as “The Navigator” named Navita Milagros Negrón. Navita fuels the album’s story, giving it a cinematic — or even Broadway musical — feel that could easily make the whole LP a soundtrack to this character’s life. Each song tells a story about growing up in a big city, finding a place within the world, and finding empowerment in her identity as a Latina. Alynda uses Navita as someone to tell her own story, evoking that childlike wonder and teenage rebellion she felt growing up, while also voicing her current resilience.

How Downtown Boys Became One of the Most Vital Voices in Punk Today

Six years ago, some of Victoria Ruiz’s friends and her mother flew from San Jose, California to Providence, Rhode Island to watch her perform as frontwoman of the punk band Downtown Boys for the first time. Ruiz was overwhelmed. She had performed in musical theatre before as a child, but this was different. During the first song, Ruiz—who is asthmatic—had trouble breathing; she didn’t know how to manage her energy or vocal chords.

Flea Says Revisiting His Old High School Sparked His Crusade for Music Education

The Silverlake Conservatory will hold its annual fundraiser on Saturday with guest performances by Anderson .Paak, Randy Newman and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since 2001, the non-profit Silverlake Conservatory of Music founded by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and childhood friend Keith “Tree” Barry has been a bastion for children's music education in and around Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood.

Australian Singer-Songwriter Alex Lahey Talks New LP, Urges Home Country to Pass Gay Marriage Bill: 'It's Not That Big a F--king Deal'

Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lahey captured the attention of indie rock veterans Tegan and Sara after performing at Australian festival Splendour In The Grass, who invited Lahey for a brief stint on tour last year and released the acclaimed EP B-Grade University, which helped get her signed to American indie label Dead Oceans. In the span of a year since then, Lahey released her debut album I Love You Like a Brother on October 6, giving listeners snapshots of her past relationships and her
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