Here's how Mare Of Easttown created its fictional band, Androgynous

When HBO announced the crime drama Mare Of Easttown, perhaps the last thing anyone expected from a drama about Kate Winslet investigating a murder in the Philadelphia suburbs is that it would also be a show that champions the region’s DIY music. Mare Of Easttown is set in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County, a mostly blue collar community with some affluent pockets that’s half an hour away from the city, but close enough to be adjacent to the booming music scene that has produced bands like Speedy Or

The Improbable True Story of How 'Clerks' Was Made

In 1992, Kevin Smith wasn't sure what his path in life was. He had dreamt of writing for Saturday Night Live, skipping Shakespeare and psychology classes at The New School to sit around at 30 Rock, hoping that Lorne Michaels would notice him. That dream didn't pan out, and Smith ended up dropping out of college after his first semester. But a job as a clerk at a conjoined video store and Quick Stop in Leonardo, New Jersey opened more doors than he'd ever imagined. It became the setting for Smith

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